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Most of this animation work was made at Glamorgan Centre for Art and Design technology, or for industry projects as work or work experience.  Relevant copyrights are given where needed   

All films are hosted by Youtube

 Hear Me Colour

 My major animation film Hear Me colour was made in my second year at GCADT.  It is traditionally animated and coloured using Animo, with backgrounds and textures done in Photoshop.  The main concept of the film is the idea of communication bringing colour and light to the world. 

Hear Me Colour was picked up by Virgin Media and used in an advertising campaign for their broadband services.  The advert can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5I6WMOGG5tk

Karrot Animation - One Minute Wonders






A selection of flash animation work done for Karrot Animation and Unique TV for the BBC childrens show One Minute Wonders.  The factual show discovering all the amazing things that happen throughout the world in one minute was a mixture of animation and stock film from the BBC libraries, and the screen was split up into segments where different things would be happening throughout the show.  The first clip shows the animation I did for the 'main' screen, while the rest are for 'timer bars' at the bottom of the tv screen.  The Timer bars were animate to count down one minute between every segment of the show, and as well as being free to make up ideas for what would happen in these timers we also had no set designs to stick to and were therefore free to create everything from scratch in our own animation/drawing styles.

 Kandinsky Monsters:

 This piece was inspired by the artwork of Wassily Kandinsky.  His paintings contain many brightly coloured and surreal shapes that can interpreted as living creatures.  Taking inspiration from his painting 'Circles on Black' I created four monsters each with their own methods of moving.  The characters were animated by hand and then coloured and edited using Animo. Done as part of a third year showreel at GCADT

 Picassoman and the Weeping Woman 

Done as part of my 3rd year showreel at GCADT, this character performance features an original character Picassoman attempting to flirt with Picasso's Weeping Woman.  The dialogue is taken from Eddie Izzard's stand up show Dress to Kill.  it was animated my hand and coloured and edited in Animo


 A short piece of animation featuring the two characters from my major second year film Hear Me Colour.  Rhea and Eric both have different uses for a sofa, but who will be dominant? Done during my third year of GCADT

Alberto's Kitchen

As an introduction to flash we were given a character model, dialoge and layout and asked to animate the character in a short scene.  This involved making the character walk onto the stage, talking to the audience and doing various actions in time with the dialogue.  Done in second year of GCADT

The character design Alberto was provided by MooNoo Productions: http://www.moonoo.co.uk/

Two Sacks

 A simple animation project where the brief was to give two inanimate sacks two different personalities through their movements and actions as they try to cross a cravass.  the sacks were animated by hand and then coloured and edited in Animo with the background being hand drawn and coloured in Photoshop.  Done in first year at GCADT

Nexus Smoke animation 

A piece of animation done as a sting for MTV.  I animated the smoke that appears round the transforming pig.  It was animated traditionally by hand. 

The rest of the animation belongs to Nexus Productions: http://www.nexusproductions.com/

Walk Run Fall

A character performing a simple walk cycle, turning into a run, finishing with a fall and walking off.  Done as a second year project at GCADT




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